The Story Behind Blue Bone.

Updated: Jun 2

No shoes, no shirt, no problem...My company's mission statement to take on Tiffany's. A company I bet never had to deal with angry seagulls or torrential downpours. All entrepreneurial landmines I successfully maneuvered around. All the while wondering, (like most people) how does sand get in everything?

My name is Maria Jaeckel and I am the founder, designer, and CEO of my business, Blue Bone Jewelry LLC. I am a rising senior at Loyola University in Baltimore, Maryland studying Business Management and Digital Media. I first launched Blue Bone in 2016 when I was just 16 years old. This June will be five years since I first began.

I grew up wearing a school uniform from ages four through eighteen and jewelry was always the one thing I could add onto my uniform that allowed me to express myself. I have always been interested in fashion and the idea of designing my own jewelry seemed like a fantasy to me. I decided to turn that fantasy into reality when I saw an opportunity and ran with it.

In October of 2020, Blue Bone was accepted into a prestigious entrepreneurship program, Baltipreneurs Accelerator. The program selected my small business and I out of a competitive applicant pool of other entrepreneurs in the Baltimore area. I spent twenty-four weeks working on further developing my company and learning from my two incredible mentors, Jennifer Glass, Director of Digital Marketing at Pandora Jewelry, and Kevin Conklin, Vice President of Operations at Pandora Jewelry. This program has given me great opportunities to expand my knowledge about the industry and implement these skills into my company.

The passion I have for jewelry design and entrepreneurship is unmatched in anything else I do. Blue Bone has given me a place where I can freely be myself—illustrating my ambitions and allowing me to uncover a sense of confidence within myself. That being said, I want to share with you the journey of Blue Bone Jewelry thus far.

In June of 2016, my parents told me it was time to get a summer job. Considering we live at the Jersey shore during the summer, the idea of working six hours a day was not appealing to me. Ever since I was young, I have always been an innovative and creative person. I began tinkering with different ideas on how I could earn money without taking away from my treasured beach time. I had always been interested in jewelry design, and after much thought and contemplation, I made the decision to challenge myself. I decided Saturday mornings at the beach, I would sell my handmade jewelry. What started out as something small to satisfy my parents turned into